It all started when...

We wanted a service that gave pet owners peace of mind when they were away from their home, either with work or on holiday. Very quickly the lovely pet owners of Thurrock realised what their pets were missing out on and our tiny business grew rapidly. There were barks and howls galore as they realised there was no more being stuck indoors all day or relying on a kind neighbour to pop in (and hoping they wouldn't forget!!)

As the dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoise, fish, birds, ferrets, lizards and other pets in Thurrock breathed a sigh of relief, calls started to come in from the Basildon district. Basildon dogs had heard about the fun they were missing out on, and that just wouldn't do!

Dogtopia Pet Services happily expanded to meet demand and we now cover Thurrock and Basildon areas, including Vange, Laindon and Langdon Hills. In Thurrock we cover from Purfleet, Aveley and Ockendon right across to Linford, Fobbing and Corringham and everything in between.

As much as this is our job, it is also something we love doing so we never overbook our days and rush around, trying to cram in as many jobs as we can. We take our time, very often running over our walking time but having a great time doing it (even in the rain).

We love when customers join us for walks at the weekend or on their days off, and if you've seen our Facebook page you know we love to share how everyone is getting on.

As well as socialisation and exercise, we can also reinforce your training - recall, stay, wait, catch, fetch - all common commands on our walks, as is "NOOO don't go in there!!" every time we're at the pond....!

If you'd like to know more about the services we can provide, please click here - and if you want a feel for the days we have and the fun our animals have then please go look at our Facebook page - the link is below.