all cats are unique

We know that not all cats like new people - and don't worry, we're not offended.

We know to work with the cat to figure out a happy common ground, whether that's them hiding until we leave - or them waiting at the door for us and playing until we leave.

We don't push the boundaries with cats, we respect that they can be very particular...!

As well as cleaning the food bowls and litter trays, and feeding and watering your cats we can also arrange with you to open/close curtains and switch on/off lights while you're away so the house looks occupied. 

We also hire out a range of timed cat feeders so that you don't need to pay us to pop in twice a day if it's just for feeding (we know, we'll never be millionaires at this rate!)

This is one of our most popular services, so please call early to give us a chance to get you into the diary.