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Our walking and boarding services were the first things we set up way back in 2005, and we are now delighted to be able to offer this across our whole team



We are always delighted to play with your beautiful cats as well as make sure they're fed and watered (we'll even do your curtains and lights if you're away!)


fur & feathers

We have rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, parrots and ducks on our books amongst other animals. We're not put off by anything, no matter how exotic.


non Furry

Experienced and educated care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, arachnids (although some of those are pretty furry...) - and any other non-furry you've got!

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We love dogs! To spend our days with such fun loving and affectionate pups delights us all every day



Dog Walks

Single or group walks can be arranged according to what you need and how we match your dog to our packs. The dogs' health and happiness is our priority, so we adopt a consultative approach when we come round to meet you all. 

We will explain how everything works, where we walk and of course you're always welcome to join us at the park on a day off (seriously, plenty of our customers do!)

Questions are welcomed, and we have been known to FaceTime from the park for some mums and dads so they can see how their pup is settling in.

The whole team is experienced, fully trained and hold pet first aid qualifications. We are fully insured and all have up to date DBS checks.

dog boarding

All dogs are boarded in our homes. We are fully licensed and checked by the council, and we all hold insurance as well as pet first aid qualifications.

We will always have you and your dog round before any boarding is agreed so that you're all happy, and to check your dog gets on well with ours.

None of our premises have or use kennels - and while your dog may have to share their bed (our dogs all love a snuggle!) it will feel like home from home for them.

Bring a bed, their fave toy, their bowl and food - we do the rest for you including updates throughout the week via FaceTime, message or our Facebook page. We know leaving them is hard, it's a major reason we set the business up to begin with, so we work hard to make sure you're happy.

Please note that boarding places are very limited, so please call us as soon as possible to check what dates we have left

Puppy Visits

We will happily come in and see to your new pup for the first few weeks before they're allowed out on proper walks with the big dogs. This is something best organised over the phone, so please get in touch with Cath using the button below to chat through your requirements.

Travelling in comfort and safety

Our fleet of sign-written vans are all fully kitted out with crates for safe travel, plenty of drinking water, bowls, towels, tennis balls, poo bags and even cool-mats for the crates in hot weather. They are all air conditioned and we carry a maximum of six dogs at any one time for comfort and safety.

Each of the vans is personalised to the team member - see if you can spot the differences...!

For prices and to discuss any service in more detail please contact cath




all cats are unique

We know that not all cats like new people - and don't worry, we're not offended.

We know to work with the cat to figure out a happy common ground, whether that's them hiding until we leave - or them waiting at the door for us and playing until we leave.

We don't push the boundaries with cats, we respect that they can be very particular...!

As well as cleaning the food bowls and litter trays, and feeding and watering your cats we can also arrange with you to open/close curtains and switch on/off lights while you're away so the house looks occupied. 

We also hire out a range of timed cat feeders so that you don't need to pay us to pop in twice a day if it's just for feeding (we know, we'll never be millionaires at this rate!)

This is one of our most popular services, so please call early to give us a chance to get you into the diary.


Fur & Feathers


who we go and see

Our feathered experience includes chickens, ducks, parrots, budgies and canaries; and on the fluffy side we visit rats, mice, gerbils, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits - phew!

We clean them out, give them a cuddle (if you've told us they like them) and feed and water them. We also chat away to them when we're there - don't judge us!

We can also arrange with you to open/close curtains and switch on/off lights while you're away so the house looks occupied.


If you have any questions at all, would like a price for your requirements, or wish to check if we're the right fit for your pet then please just get in touch. The button below takes you to all the details for the owner, Cath, and she would be delighted to chat to you


Non Furry

reptiles, amphibians, fish, arachnids, insects

Whatever you've chosen to share your home with - we will care for when you're away.

Between the team we own a selection of non-furries so we have the experience and education to bring top quality care to your pet.

As well as cleaning the food bowls and any poop, and feeding and watering your pets we can also arrange with you to open/close curtains and switch on/off lights while you're away so the house looks occupied.

To discuss our experience or ask any questions you may have, please contact Cath


Other Services


We can come to you to do this or you can come to us!

Microchipping is a legal requirement now for all dogs - as well as it being harder to reconnect you with your pup in the event of separation, it could also land you with a fine.

Get in touch to get chipped!

Pets to Vets

We have a pet taxi service available on request. Perhaps you don't drive, or your vehicle isn't suitable for your pet - that's ok - let us help.

Contact Cath to arrange your appointment